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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forever Young

aldo's been a secret fan of Rod Stewart's so after a year of watching his concerts on DVD, we bit the bullet and watched him live at GM Place. out of all the big-name artists that have performed in vancouver, we had to pick one that catered to people older than us! LOL i swear, we must have been the youngest people in the concert.

it was a great concert though... either that or we really do not get out much! at least we heard all his greatest hits like "Forever Young", "Some Guys Have All The Luck", "Downtown Train", and a few others. i must say though, all his back-up vocals and musicians were young and sexy!

at one point he started giving away soccer balls. apparently, it's his thing to kick around these soccer balls during concerts, due to his passion for football. too bad we were seated too far away from the stage to catch one!

the only bad part of the concert was the acoustics of GM Place - it sucks! we've watched hockey games here and it was ok since all you want to hear are the clubs hitting the puck or some players being shoved into the glass, but for a concert it was pretty bad. if you didn't know the lyrics to a song, you wouldn't really hear the words clearly.

but at least we got to see a rock n roll turned crooner icon before he gets too old to tour!