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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

her first bike

aldo's been caling 15 bike stores around Vancouver for this Run Bike. apparently, it's so in demand that parents are calling all bike stores and placing orders like crazy. finally, someone called aldo back to tell him that the shipment was coming in that day so off he went!

it's really for a 3 year old but since amori did so well balancing on her Trunki, we couldn't resist getting her a real bike. it doesn't have pedals so it'll teach her how to walk with a bike and later on, how to balance herself on the seat.

so far so good, she's been loving it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

she's 2!

amori turned 2 in manila and celebrated it with friends and lots of family (compared to the 5 family members she has here!). her birthday fell on the same day as my sister's wedding, so we had her party on sunday, the 13th of july. thank God for kid parties in manila - we had a fuss-free party at KFC in Jupiter St., and all we had to do was be there... of course that's unheard-of here where it's DIY all the way!

it was great to be around cousins, titos, titas, lolos, and lolas... something that we don't get on a regular basis.

the only bad part was Chuckie the KFC mascot. he scared the hell out of amori. to this day, she still says "scared Chuckie". LOL.

at 2 years old, amori:
- talks in 3-word sentences
- easily jumps, runs, crosses, and squeezes into playgrounds
- can remember what she can and cannot touch
- likes to draw and scribble
- knows that Play Doh cannot be eaten
- has food preferences (a.k.a. is a picky eater)
- peed in her potty once!
- likes looking at pictures, and recognizes familiar people in them
- still does not like any kind of meat
- knows which key and fob to use for the front door
- is addicted to ketchup
- always asks "what's this?"
- hums and does the actions to "wheels on the bus", "itsy bitsy spider", and "twinkle, twinkle, little star"
- can eat, and prefers to eat by herself, and does it with minimal spills too!

the list goes on and on... but i'm not about to bore you with it! =)

who would have thought 2 years would pass this quickly?

Monday, July 07, 2008


"Pati yung pagpo-pronounce ko ng Tagalog ko, medyo minsan may pagkabaluktot, talagang nire-rehearse niya na hindi puwedeng ‘mayor.' Di ba talagang ‘meyor'? At natutuwa ako ‘pag napapanood ko yung preview after every take. Aba, ang galing ko mag-Tagalog!" hagikhik niya.


"Gusto ko nang mag-ibang bayan dahil gusto ko ring maranasan ang isang normal na buhay. Maging isang Gretchen Barretto na hindi kilala ng kahit sino. Puwede akong madapa na hindi pinag-uusapan," says Gretchen Barretto.

such an effin' poser. reminds me of those filipinos who "forget" their tagalog after a year of being away. as if!

amori's new Trunki

we're off to manila for my sister's wedding (which falls on amori's birthday too) - and since it'll just be me and amori again (a new mortgage + rising fuel costs does not make a happy traveling family so aldo's not going), i need all the help i can get.

aldo's mom works at the airport and she saw a passenger with a Trunki. we couldn't order it online because it was too late, so i frantically looked for a distributor in manila as well (apparently it's available in Rustan's and Baby & Co.). thank God most stores here are online - we found a store selling one here!

she's loving her Trunki and refers to it as "car" or "ride". she got up at 6:30am today to get it from her closet. i hope the novelty doesn't wear out too quickly!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

oh canada

happy birthday canada!