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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

at last, some good news on the work-front

i've found work after nearly two months of sending out my resume a gazillion times. yaay! this time i'll be on the printer side of things (versus being on the agency side, as i've been the past few years). it's closer to home and amori's daycare - which means i don't have to fret over being late everyday because of the commute, and i don't have to pay a ridiculous amount for parking too! (let's just say if i didn't have to pay for parking, i'd have a new bag every month.)

on hindsight, it seems like a blessing in disguise that work went wonky two months ago because that gave me a headstart in the jub hunt sphere. seems like companies (here anyways) are starting to tighten belts by going on hiring freezes, and even asking management to step down for less benefits.

so life is still good despite the hiccups... you just have to roll with the punches!