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Thursday, February 25, 2010

accidental earth mama

Luna had a bad - and I mean what-a-bad-mommy-you-must-be kind of bad - diaper rash that scared the hell out of me. At first I thought it was because I missed a diaper change or two since I was sick at that time... but it looked way more intense than the forgotten diaper change kind so I brought her to the doctor, who said that it's because she has sensitive skin. So I changed her diaper brand, and went from Pampers Swaddlers to Huggies Pure & Natural, plus put the prescription cream that I was given. Five days later, the lesions weren't as big and scary, but were still there and I had noticed too that her poo diapers were a little bit too many. So I waited another 2 days and when the rash was still there, I decided to change her formula from Enfamil A+ to Similac Sensitive, a lactose-free formula. Lo and behold, the poo diapers lessened and the diaper rash healed. I should have known earlier that she was getting a bad reaction to her milk!

Although her rash has healed, I don't think I want to go back to the scented Pampers diapers. The Huggies Pure & Natural though costs double the price of Pampers so I figured maybe cloth diapering was worth looking into. So I started looking into cloth diapers and got so confused. Apparently it isn't like when our mothers used to put us in cloth diapers. Now there are pockets, prefolds, all-in-ones, and hybrids. I got even more confused when I went to a baby store to look at the products they carried.

So I decided to go into what seemed logical: prefolds + biodegradable and flushable liners + waterproof cover. I figured I should test the waters first and see if I can handle cloth diapering, versus getting all sorts of cloth diapering systems so I got 2 covers and 10 prefolded cloth diapers to start. Oh and Snappis too... which are great since the thought of pins scare me. I'm a week into it and so far so good! It's not as bad as it seems... although I don't do it 100% though (I'm not that crazy... yet!). I'm currently cloth diapering at home, and doing disposables at night and when we go out. I've been lucky too: no poop in the cloth diapers yet! Somehow whenever she's in cloth diapers, it's all pee! But we'll see if I can stick with cloth diapers until the solid food stage... seems unlikely but I'll give it a go before I give up.

I think I am now an accidental hippy: I drive a Hybrid, I cloth diaper part-time, and I wear my baby in a sling. LOL

Now if I could breastfeed full time, that would really complete the stereotype. No such luck on that end though, it's the same old story.

Friday, February 05, 2010

what a week

last week...

aldo went back to work (from a 6-week leave, a.k.a. the luna holidays).

amori had a 39 degree fever and a pretty deep and productive-sounding cough.

3 days later, i got it too.

then there was luna to feed, change, and rock to sleep.... and amori to bring to preschool/daycare while i felt really achy and feverish.

last but not least...

Toyota gets shoved into the spotlight with recalls. we thought our 3-week old Prius was safe since it was not on the list but a recall seems to be in the horizon since Toyota has admitted that the 2010 model has a faulty brake design. WTF! so far i haven't really noticed how it will supposedly accelerate slightly when you hit a bump or a pothole (thanks to the city being all cleaned up and spiffy for the olympics!). i hope Toyota offers a fix on this - i've grown to love it and gotten pretty attached. we were supposed to have it tinted, and a bike rack attached but we're holding off til this problem is resolved. dammit Toyota, why fail us now?!

what a week. we're all still alive (car included) so here's to hoping for more good things to come.

oh and look who's starting to give us smiles...