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Friday, May 15, 2009


this is a repost from my sister Sam's (Lucas' mommy) facebook page.

The phrase "Thank you" may not be enough to express our gratitude towards all of you.

It has been the most difficult 3 weeks of our lives; March 23 - April 16, 2009. Lucas had 5 attacks on the 2nd night after his operation at the recovery room. Each of those times, he had to be revived, his heart had to be massaged. He would lay still, and his heart would beat so slowly, almost to a halt. Your prayers for his recovery during his critical period helped Lucas survive this ordeal. He is fondly called "Lazarus" by his surgeon, Dr. Reynante Gamponia, as according to him, no kid would be able to survive what he went through at the recovery room. We stayed there for 5 days, another 10 at the ICU.

His attending physician Dra. Baby Leus, along with her team; Dra. Aurora Gamponia, Dr. Reynante Gamponia and Dra. Annabelle Corres are indeed instruments of God.All the fellows at the Philippine Heart Center, all Lucas' nurses have touched our family with the amount of genuine care and concern they have shown to Lucas.

You have helped me, Gene and Lucas surpass this difficult challenge in our lives. We are overwhelmed by the immense support given to us by our friends and relatives. As Gene and I look at Lucas, we will always remember each and every one of you who have helped lighten our burdens through your prayers and financial support.

God is good, for He has given us our son. God is good because we are blessed to have family and friends like you.

Thank you, and may God continually shower us with his grace. :)