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Thursday, September 17, 2009


i'm on my 28th week.



that means only 10 weeks to go before baby #2 comes out! my doctor has already told me it'll be a c-section this time because of past complications, so i'll only be pregnant until 38 weeks, yaay!

oh and it's a girl. we had a 3D/4D ultrasound done at 26 weeks. it's quite creepy to get a photo this detailed, isn't it?!

it's been a fun, birthday-packed summer for us - seems like a lot of people do give birth during the summer... which makes Baby #2 one of the rare kids celebrating their birthdays in the winter!

this summer we've gone fishing, kite flying, and eating grilled hotdogs and hamburgers like there's no tomorrow. oh and homemade pizzas! aldo has perfected the art of making his own pizza crust and is now a certified frozen-pizza snob. i've been loving the grilled pizzas he's made - it does make a difference when it's grilled on a pizza stone, on a bbq, versus baked in an oven. we're so happy we got a Weber this summer - our first bbq grill ever!

amori's been growing into a chatterbox - a dancing, drawing, tea-party-princess-playing chatterbox. i think it's safe to say she is now a little kid, and not just a clumsy toddler! funny how she is her own little person. sure, she has her bad days - like when i have to drag her out of bed so i can drop her off at preschool/daycare on time - but majority of the time, she's a pretty easy kid. unless we talk about her (non-existent) eating habits, of course. i've pretty much given up on worrying about when she will eat meat, or when she will munch on a carrot stick... her doctor says as long as she is growing, and is developmentally on track, then there really is no need to worry.

she is the sweetest thing too. the highlight of my day is when she wants a big cuddle after school. when we get home, she follows me into the kitchen with her thumb in her mouth, while she says "i'm tired" (because the current rule is: no thumbsucking unless she is tired or sleepy). or when she insists i watch tv with her before i putter around the kitchen at dinnertime. some days i wish i had househelp so i can give her 100% of my attention after school.

just the other day, i picked her up from school and she gave my belly a big hug and said "i miss my baby" - let's hope she still feels that way in 10 weeks!

other than the fact that i no longer can do the groceries by myself, i'm pretty ok. i am exhausted everyday, but other than that - i have no complaints. partly because i know this will end soon. i am sure it'll only get more complicated in 10 weeks but until then, i'm taking things one day at a time, savoring the last few weeks that we are a family of 3.

heck, when i walk into a baby sale, i get amori more clothes than the new baby! baby #2 has a lot of hand-me-downs from amori, and they outgrow things so quickly that it doesn't make sense to buy the exact same pink-and-white onesie! in all fairness though, i've gotten Baby #2 new sleep sacks and long-sleeved onesies - amori's old ones were from a different season. i just need a few more flannel blankets, bottles, and a christmas outfit and we're good to go. 10 weeks is enough time to get all those.