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Sunday, January 28, 2007


the Downtown Princesses were out today for drinks:

Amori had a cinnamon dolce latte and Missy MayaDT, adventurous girl that she is, had a pint to warm her up.

in the end they both agreed though that milk is still best for babies.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Papa Productions Part Deux

Thursday, January 18, 2007

a new chef in my kitchen

it all started with my christmas wishlist. i wanted a decent chef's knife, a Wusthof in particular. aldo being aldo, he looked it up and it started his december-long obsession with knives and kitchen equipment. oh and i did get my Wusthof chef knife, plus another set of Henkels.

of course aldo wanted to try the knives so he began looking at cookbooks. coincidentally, reruns of Hell's Kitchen started airing on the Food Network too.

thus, a new chef has stepped into my kitchen.

with Gordon Ramsay's help, he did a great job of making me dinner one saturday night.

Fillets of Cod with Chorizo

Fillet of Trout Roasted With Lemon and Coriander With Spicy Couscous

here's to hoping his current interest in cooking doesn't wane too soon because he's pretty good at following recipes!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

in the fast lane

our little princess is growing up fast... too fast, i think! it's awesome to see how fast she learns things - in a matter of 2 days, she's learned that sitting is a better option for playing, that crawling can take her anywhere, and that she can be part of the dinner table now because she's eating solids.

seems like only yesterday that she was a floppy infant without head control! and yes, her hair is growing fast too... i think if we wait til her 1st birthday before we cut it, she'll look like an Ewok or Big Foot!

Monday, January 01, 2007

hello 2007

we spent new year's the way we were supposed to! no sick baby this time around - whew!

2006 definitely went by too fast... especially the 2nd half of the year! it was a year of changes, challenges, and loads of blessings. of course it goes without saying that the biggest gift 2006 brought was Amori! there was no lack of tough times (even 'til the last few days of december!), but i remain thankful for each and every curveball that was thrown my way. it is a bit surreal that the year is over... it sure felt like a roller coaster ride! i'm sure there will be even more bumps this year, but with a little faith, common sense, and love from aldo and amori... bring it on 2007!

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